Payal Sinha

 I am very late in writing the review.  My son is almost 18 months now ...BUT Please bear with me for a lengthy review as this was my first baby and my very first experience with the most wonderful gift God has given us-to deliver a LIFE. My pregnancy period of 38 weeks was full of doubts, worries,excitements, and so many other mixed feelings for a first time mother. Every time I called Dr. Rakhi...she was always there to listen and clear any doubt or worries I had in mind . But the best thing that happened was my Labor room experience with her n I will always be grateful to her for that. My BP was on marginal higher side from 8th month and she advised me to take leave from office. I was induced at 38th week as my baby's growth slowed down due to high BP. During the Labour my BP was rising with every push...I could hear other doctor asking for consent papers of my husband for C section but never heard Dr Rakhi saying anything like that. She just kept on boosting me to push and was polite at the same time unlike the other dr. I had my first bundle of joy in my arms in 30 minutes by normal vaginal delivery with a BP of 190. And I thank a tone to GOD and to Dr. Rakhi for making normal delivery possible . 

tanaya Ghose Dastidar

 Dr Rakhi Gupta had been supporting me every now and then with her amazing sense of medication throughout my pregnancy. I highly appreciate the way she answered to all my queries (be it a very small one). She gave me immense confidence to handle the most crucial period of my life (my first pregnancy). Her advice always helped me to understand each phase of pregnancy properly and take everything positively ahead. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy would not have turned the way it did if she was not there. She is a wonderful person, a great doctor and a super-skilled surgeon. We would be grateful for her presence in our life forever. Thank you, Doctor! 

Sudhir Prakash

 Such a great experience with Dr.Rakhi Gupta.Blessed with a baby boy this month and everything went smooth even its C-section.Me & my wife are very afraid regarding cesarean delivery due to breech position of baby.But Dr.Rakhi explained everything so well that all worries vanished.The friendly behavior and caring  approach impresses me.Many many thanks Dr.Rakhi. 

Rabindra Ghosh

 We have realized that by the bless of god we met her. Because under her guidance we are feeling safe and hoping for a new sunshine in our life. She carefully listen all the things a patient explain and carefully readout all the reports without skip. She always respond whenever we ask for any query or suggestion on whatsaap. As per my personal experience with her till now, I am strongly recommended her as a best Doctor (gyno and obstetrics)
“All The Best To Her”

Best Regards
Pallabi Ghosh & Rabindra Ghosh 

Deshraj Singh

 We are recently blessed with our little angel through normal delivery. My wife n me were quite skeptical about normal delivery because we had recent cases where few ladies in our friends n family had to undergo c-section. But Dr. Rakhi Gupta helped n guided us through the entire pregnancy.She has her unique motherly n warm smile which makes this entire pregnancy journey a bit easier. Thank you doctor.
It was the great experience with Dr. Rakhi Gupta....thanks a lot.... 

Ishan Rajeev

 Hello everyone.!! My wife gone under the treatment of Dr Rakhi during her pregnency.she is very humble & listen your every issue patiently which is very comfortable for patient .she available any time  to answer any queries even on a phone call/Whatsapp whcih create communication ease...I'will be happy  to recommend Dr.Rakhi Gupta which is set the bar very high in patient care Thank you so much Mam. 



Nupur Sahay

 Dr Rakhi is very calm and most amazing person.Best part at the time of tension she got the medicine of words to cure before. i visited her regarding pregnancy.
So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the save delivery of our girl Anvika.
You supported us from the beginning and gave us so much care and hope to get through such a hard time .
Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, knowledge and calm demeanour.
We are so glad we chose to take.  this journey with you. 

Parul Singh

 Dr Rakhi is just fabulous. This was my first pregnancy and i had all the worries, questions, concerns (mostly stupid :D) but she was always calm, listened to us and answered/helped in every possible manner in person and also on phone. She was like a friend, sister, guardian as and when required. My delivery was very eventful as i developed a liver infection and she had to pre-pone our due date. Dr cancelled/rescheduled her travel plans and helped us to get the most true, pure gift of life. Thank you Dr Rakhi. 

Partiksha Bhardwaj

 Dr. Rakhi Gupta is just fantabulous !!  Thanks a ton for your immense support. I have gone through such a smooth pregnancy period -complete 9 months n finally had a normal delivery. She is available 24x7 on calls n ask for visit if required only , never ask to visit unnecessary . Generally doctor looses patience during labor time however Dr. Rakhi pampered me a lot which is the bestest quality... Thanks a lot
Partiksha Bhardwaj 

Aisha Khan

 First of all i would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Rakhi for treating me in a right manner. During treatement, this is my first pregnency positive result with God's blessing which i got in a very short span of time. She is very friendly and logical. She listens my all problems and queries very calmly and feels me too comfortable. I wish her all the very best in life!!! 

Rudranarayana Hota

 I'm honoured to recommend Dr.Rakhi Gupta and her clinic which is set the bar very high in patient care and their treatment. In our first consultation she explained the pregnancy in such a manner which was outstanding.At each appointment she always takes the time to explain each step of the pregnancy process, answer questions, and educate us. I walk away from each appointment knowing I have all the information I need to make the next best choice in my wife's health care. Each step of the way Dr. Gupta has displayed genuine care and passion for helping my wife to deliver the baby.
I am forever grateful for the ways that Dr.Gupta’s medical care has impacted our life and now we are blessed with a little Angel.
Thanks Dr. For your advice and support.

Rudranarayan Hota 

Nandita Khan

 Dr. Rakhi Gupta is not just a gynaecologist, but a true healer. When it comes to her nature, she is extremely friendly. When it comes to her work, it's incredible. The relationship that she builds with her patients is so genuine that you will open up your heart, even though it's your first time. After two years of acquaintance, just a talk with her makes me feel confident and actually releases my good hormones. Today, with her care and guidance I am able to enter motherhood. It's the most overwhelming feeling. All thanks to her, for diagnosing it right, treating it right, and I know she will be there throughout my entire mommyhood. She is the best and I am sure she will be best for other ladies too! A true gem in the world of doctors! 



Preeti Singh

 Dr. Rakhi Gupta is just awesome!! No doubt that she is a great doctor who is the best in business but apart from that she is also a great person. The thing I liked the most in her was that she really “listens” to you…makes you comfortable…..and treats every problem/issue with such ease that you start feeling better the moment she starts speaking :)
As this was my first pregnancy and I was literally scared of how everything will shape up, but I feel so fortunate and blessed today that I trusted Dr. Rakhi. I’ve been through doctors who just prescribe new tests even if you’ve had the tests done (but at some other place) - But Dr. Rakhi just blew me off with her incredible patience and went through all my past reports and advised that there’s no need for fresh tests as I’ve had them recently.
She is truly logical in her explanations, diagnosis and future course of actions….. She has all the 3 Ds i.e. Dedication, Devotion and Determination towards her patients and that’s very very rare to find these days….. Thanks a lot Dr. Rakhi Gupta :) :) You're amazing..... 

Anubha Suri

 Sweet...warm...patient...and she listens - its almost like I am describing a friend. Well that's exactly how Dr. Rakhi is. I first consulted her almost seven years back with my mom and I haven't been to any other doctor since! Now that I am married, the relationship continues. I hope to be a mother someday soon with God's blessings, and I cant think of anyone better than Dr. Rakhi to guide and help me through the period. Thanks Dr. Rakhi!

In continuation with my previous testimonial, I recently became a mom with God's blessings! And I cannot thank Dr Rakhi enough for her continued support and guidance! :) I had a million questions during my pregnancy about myself and the baby, and Dr Rakhi NEVER failed to answer any of those (whether it was on whatsapp or on phone). Also, she is extremely thorough in her approach. I feel very fortunate and rather blessed to have had her as my doctor. I felt very safe and secure in her hands during my delivery. Post delivery, her support continues. I consider her more than just my doctor! I wish her all the very best in life.

Parnika Shukla

3  months ago 

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time

Hey all,

What to say about rakhi mam..my experience with her throughtout my beautiful journey of motherhood is amazing. Recently iam blessed with a baby girl. She is so quite and calm and full of patience that she never got irritated with my silly questions as i was a first timer mom to be. I was able to call her round the clock and she was there for me. She is so supportive.  Her way of medication is so up to the mark that my complete pregnancy is a beautiful ride with no hurdles.

People who are looking for a perfect gynaec, you need not to wander here n there anymore..ur stop is right here.

Thank you soo much mam for everything.!!

Neetu Singh


Visited ForPregnancy

Dr. Rakhi, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I cannot express my deep gratitude accurately enough with words, but I’ll try anyways: Thank you for the safe delivery of my daughter, N. I have NEVER had a Doctor who was as caring, patient, informative, soothing, & compassionate! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my silly 1st child questions, not rushing through our appointments, and truly making me feel like I was empowered and informed during my pregnancy & delivery. I was terrified walking into labor room, but the team were amazing in calming my nerves, making me feel comfortable, and walking my husband and I through the procedure. I will forever be thankful and remember for re-assuring words that everything was going to be fine., my family thanks you for all your help in getting us to “one bigger” in head count THANK YOU!!!

No words can express for all that you have done. Thanks a lot. You would always be in our prayers and thoughts.  With lots of love and best wishes.



Visited ForInfertility Evaluation / Treatment

I have a great experience with Dr Rakhi Gupta. She is just awesome, she is very friendly and caring Dr. Frankly speaking I was totally depressed and hopeless after visit many DR's for last two years, but finally it was a miracle to me after treated by Dr Rakhi, I got the good result within sixth months. I liked most in her that was she listen all the problems and make you comfortable to discuss with her. During my pregnancy I had lots of questions and Dr Rakhi naver failed to answer any of those whether it was by phone or Whatsaap. Thank you Dr for your excellent treatment and give us a happy and healthy baby. We are happy now as a parents again thanks a lot. I wish you touch the Sky of Success in your life.

Kathakali Kallol Nath

Preeti Nahid

Visited ForPregnancy Check Up

Happy withTreatment satisfaction

Wonderful doctor. Explain each and everything very nicely... I will recommend this doctor to everyone..



Verified User


Happy withDoctor friendliness

Such a great experience with Dr.Rakhi Gupta.Blessed with a baby boy this month and everything went smooth even its C-section.I was very afraid regarding cesarean delivery due to breech position of baby.But Dr.Rakhi explained everything so well that all worries vanished.The friendly behavior and caring approach impresses me.Many many thanks Dr.Rakhi.


Visited ForPcod Problems

I have been consulting with Dr. Rakhi for about 4 months now. I came to her with PCOD and having not been able to conceive. She was very understanding, proactive and very methodical in her approach (something I missed in the doctors I consulted with earlier).

After 3 months and after my first cycle of ovulation induction, I have today come to her after a positive pregnancy test and she is as happy as I am. Thank you doctor!

I would certainly recommend other ladies with conception issues to meet Dr. Rakhi. Especially ladies who are not from Delhi and are having a hard time finding an OB/GYN here (I am from Bangalore).

Reena Khatoon


Visited ForPregnancy Check UpGynae Problems

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction

 She is highly experienced, very polite, easily approachable & always there for her patients. She listens to your problem & gets to the root cause. She does not prescribe unnecessary medicines or suggests unnecessary tests. I am in my 3rd month of pregnancy & going good so far. All the credit goes to Dr Rakhi for her proper advice & treatment. I am very satisfied with her treatment & would strongly recommend her to all in need.

Ripudaman Singh


I highly recommend Dr. Rakhi Gupta. Pleasant, good listener and soother to patients.

That was our first appointment and my wife has Latrophobia but after the visit, she reminded me to give feedback to Dr. Rakhi.

By this case any one can understand that how was that great exp.

Thanks for your services Dr. Rakhi.



Divya Mani Tripathi


Visited ForMaternity

Doctor Rakhi is very intelligent & kind. The way she handled me was great and I felt like my own family member is handling me from start of my maternity time till end. She is very polite and understanding, listens to problems and gives the best remedy.

I would live to see her during my second maternity time ( only if I plan for it ;) ) & I urge everyone to meet her if looking for best gynocologist who is not at all money minded . Love to Dr.Rakhi.



Visited ForHysterectomy (Abdominal/Vaginal)

She is an amazing person! Very helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. She was available even in the night after the operation was over and my mother was in the ICU at 11.30 pm I really appreciated that!

Whatever doubts we had she cleared them at all times.

She literally gave my mom a new and better life! Thank you so much!

I would highly recommend her!




30th June 2018.

Visited for PCOD/PCOS treatment.

Dr. Rakhi Gupta is very experienced, she can understand her patient very well.  She is very caring.

Leela Kakkar

23, Mar 2018.

Visited for Pregnancy.

It was good experience

Mohit Kaushik

07 Mar, 2018.

Visited for Gynae Problem.

Very Nice Experience.


05 March, 2018.

Visited for Family Planning.

Good Experience.

Rekha Gupta

05 Mar, 2018.

Pregnancy Check Up.

Very good and experience Doctor.

Nisha Kohli

23 Feb, 2018.

Visited for Uterine Fibroids.

She is an excellent doctor. Not only did she patiently heard my problems and gave all possible solutions. I do recommend her strongly.



Prerna Sharma

11 Feb, 2018.

Visited for Pregnancy Check Up.

It is phenomenal. I have been trying to conceive for last 2 years but failed. After consulting Doctor i conceived in 1 month. amazing.


18 Nov, 2018.

Doctor is very friendly and cooperative. She treated my problem with infertility. Prescribed treatment was good. Thanks to her.

Priyanka Rani

19th Nov, 2018.

Pregnancy Check UP.

It was very good experience. Way of treatment is so nice. Even i met doctor first time like family. Excellent experience.

Dr. Reema

23 OCT, 2017.

Weight loss / Weight stabilization counselling.

Good experience.

RK Singh

31 Oct, 2017.

I have a pleasant meeting with doctor.

Kiran Aggarwal

16 October, 2017.

Obstetrics Problems.

Its good to consult with doctor, having nice treatment.




11 Oct, 2017.

Nice behaviour towards patients and good knowledge about the disease. She is a well experienced Doctor.


05 Oct, 2017.

It was a good experience. Assistants are also good. Thanks to Dr. Rakhi.

Gaurav Kr

27th Sept, 2017.

She is very nice doctor. I recommend everyone to visit. She is not at all judgemental and is very polite.

Sushmita Singh

23 Sept, 2017.

Pre & Post delivery Care.

The Overall experience is good. Doctor is helpful and is always available when needed. She hears out and resolve all your queries.

Mr. Parvesh

20th Sept, 2017.

The Doc is extremely patient. She listens to the patient very carefully & very courteous.

Meher Gujral

16th Sept, 2017.

Pregnancy with PCOD.

Great Experience.



Shivangi Yadav

26th Aug, 2017.

PCOD/PCOS Treatment.

Doctor has been helping a lot.

Ankit Kumar

24th Aug, 2017.


Dr. Rakhi is a very good Doctor in nature and for patients treatment. I was suffering from pregnancy conceiving but after Dr. Rakhi Gupta treatment finally i got conceiving baby. Thank you very much Dr. Rakhi Gupta

Richa Singh

14 Aug, 2017.

Gynaecological Problem.

Till the date its good.

Pallabi Ghosh

02 Aug, 2017.

Gynae problems.

She is always excellent. Lots of hope & exception from her. like her way of treating.. All the best. Regards.. 

Pallabi Ghosh.


02 Aug, 2017.

Pregnancy Check Up.

Good Check Up with friendly nature thanks.


29 July, 2017.

Pregnancy Check Up.

I found Dr. Rakhi Gupta the best Doctor, she is very humble & listens all your queries patiently. I am very happy with her treatment.




27 July, 2017.

PCOD/PCOS Treatment.

She is very Good at her work.

Moksh Sharma

16 July, 2017.

Very good and best advise with genuiene examination.


16 July, 2017.

Experience was amazing. Thank you very much. Staff is very courteous.

Anu Paul

15 July, 2017.

Hormonal Therapy.

Nice, She is very good and pays good attention with our problem.

Bimal Meena

12 July, 2017.

Child Birth Education.



11 July, 2017

Pregnancy Check Up.

Very Nice & very Good.



Preeti Gupta

20 May, 2017.

I am Very Happy.


20 May, 2017.

Really good experience, feel like getting proper instruction/guidance from one of our family member.

Preeti Singh

06 May, 2017.

Treatment was superb. I conceived in just 3 months. Mam is a very kind person. She supports her patients.

Shadhna Gupta

29 April, 2017.

Post Pregnancy Classes.

Very good conversation and having very good knowledge. I am very much satisfied with Doctor. She is having a very good Patience.


14th March, 2017.

Vaginal Infection Treatment.

As a first time cannot say much. Good as first time visit. Helpful. I would recommend others as well. Sweet by nature listens well.


Infertility Evaluation / Treatment.

It is very good to come to take treatment from Madam. She is very good in behavior. The way she listens each & every points it leads to get confidence. Within 3 months we got our positive result..


Neeta Modi.

All Good. its my first vist lets see next after once i get my reports done & let me see the improvement There on can confirm.

Divya Singh

24 Jan, 2017.

Gynae Problems.

Very good warm and friendly. She allows the patient to deal without hesitation. Gave a reliable advice. hope to be cured soon.


24 Dec, 2016.

This is our second visit can't say much, but good hospitality and do not have to wait longer.

Mitali Singh

20th Dec, 2016.

Pregnancy Exercise.

Good experience with doctor and staff. Good communication & healthy and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to good results and long term association with Dr. rakhi Gupta. All the Best.


18th Dec, 2016.

Obstetrics Problems.

Found the doctor very cooperative and supportive and dealt with the problems in effective manner. The doctor and the staff are supportive.


17 Dec, 2016.


Very good and soft spoken Doctor. Gives excellent advice and effective treatment. Strongly recommend to those with infertility and high risk pregnancy.



Preeti Singh

28 Oct, 2016.

Mam is very intelligent. She support me a lot. I face  lots of problem in conceiving but Dr, Rakhi solved my pregnancy problem. God bless Dr. Rakhi Gupta.

Chinta Sharma

17 August, 2016.

Overall very nice experience. Doctor is very soft spoken. Thank you Dr. Rakhi Gupta for giving me this kind of treatment.

Navita Saroha

12 August, 2016.

Treatment still going and i am quite hpeful about good result. Treatment cycle well maintained by the Doctor. Guiding very nicely.